Shock & Exhaust

Hailing from Scandinavia, the Vibratec Group dominates the vibration and noise control markets in many parts of Europe.

Specialising in all sorts of vibration control solutions, with emphasis in providing solutions for exhaust pipes, Vibratec Isolation is sought after by many shipyards for their expertise in providing cost-effective yet superior solutions in reducing exhaust pipe noise in vessels.

The engineers in Vibratec make use of sophisticated software when doing analysis for all sorts of vibration and shock problem. All shock calculations try to simulate the real life situation as closely as possible and their shock mounts have been used extensively in various parts of Europe as well as Singapore.

As the people in Vibratec understand their customers very well, many spring mounts and cable mounts can be customized to customers’ requirements. This makes Vibratec a leading and preferred supplier for many of the shock and anti vibration solution.

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